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We’re doing a series on the 5 essential mind set shifts that need to happen for the church to become everything she was created to be.

We originally started the church in Waikiki because a number of years ago I felt like God told me that one day people would come to Waikiki, not because it’s Waikiki, but because Jesus was there! They heard that Jesus was there, that he was doing things, so they wanted to go see what God was doing.

I think in order for that to happen we need to see 5 essential, what I call MindSkin shifts.

We have to change our mindskin.

There’s a parable where Jesus says “you don’t take new wine and put it in old wineskins.”

So I’m saying we can’t see God do the next big thing unless he changes our mindskin.

The first essential MindSkin shift that I believe we need to see happen is…

We need to change our mindset from planting churches to planting the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Now this is what I mean by that.

No where in the Bible do you ever see it commanded to plant a church.

Yet every where the apostles and the disciples went you would see churches grow up. It was there main way of reaching a city but no where ever does it say to plant a church.

But Jesus says over and over and over again “you need to go and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom.” So here’s what happens; you preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and a church will grow up out of it.

It doesn’t seem like that big of a mindset shift but here’s the difference…

We can go and try to grow a big church or we can go and find the places that are the darkest and bring the light of the Gospel of the Kingdom in there and let God birth something out of that dark place.

I once heard it said that if you want to get a seed to grow big and strong and fast you need to plant it in the best manure.

So the great thing about the Gospel of the Kingdom is that it flourishes and grows in the best manure.

So where is the darkest place you could think of?

That is a perfect place to plant the Gospel of the Kingdom because when you plant/preach the Gospel of the Kingdom a church will grow up out of it and a movement will happen that will transform an entire city.

So that’s the first essential MindSkin shift.

We need to change our mind from planting a church to planting the Gospel of the Kingdom.