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Best Church Experience Ever
Pastor RK Castillo has been blessed with the ability to relate to all types of people regardless of whether you are homeless or affluent. I felt very comfortable with the setting; I have always heard that a church was not a building and that is a true statement. Sitting under a tree in Waikiki and hearing the Word was one of the best church experiences I have ever had. If you want an atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and loved, then this church is for you.
May 31, 2012
Do you want to learn about the love of Jesus in a non-threatening atmosphere? If so, join New Life City Church in the park with RK and Kelike. You will leave feeling loved, blessed, inspired and ready to share the love of Jesus with others!
, Waikiki May 25, 2012
Amazing Pastoral Couple
RK & Kelike Castillo love Jesus and love people! They are the perfect couple to connect with to learn about the love of God and help make Jesus famous in Waikiki. We visited last summer and love what they are doing! JOIN THEM!
, Waikiki Jun 3, 2012
Great Church
Of course I'm biased...I'm the pastor! =) This church isn't like other churches you've been to. It's a small, family like atmosphere. You'll think you're at a barbecue, not at a church! They love Jesus and love people and their whole mission is to make Jesus famous in Waikiki.
, Waikiki May 22, 2012
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